School Nurse

Svay Pak, Phnom Penh, Cambodia

Full Time

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AIM School


29 June 2018




AIM School, a ministry of Agape International Missions, is looking for a Cambodian national to fill the position of full-time School Nurse. AIM School is a Christian school located at km 11 on National Road 5, outside of Phnom Penh. Please email us for a full job description and application form.

Job purpose:

       To provide quality medical care, advice, and training to those in AIM’s reach at AIM School.

Essential duties/responsibilities:

       Maintain confidentiality

       Provide basic medical care for staff and students of AIM school

       Responsible for the organization and upkeep of medical supplies and records in the school nurse’s office

       Train AIM School staff and students about basic health care and prevention of diseases as requested

       Conduct home visits for training and education as directed

       Provide basic medical care on student home visits if necessary

       Assist in tracking the vaccinations received by AIM School staff and coordinate vaccination trips for those missing key vaccinations (hep B., HPV, typhoid)

       When called upon, accompany staff or students to the doctor to gain a fuller picture of the health needs of the individual, as directed by supervisor

       Purchase medicines and medical supplies for the school clinic

       Other duties as assigned by supervisor

Essential beliefs/values:

        Maintain a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, regularly attending church. Follow Biblical moral standards inside and outside of school, living and working to be a good example like Christ      

        Be a model of  humility, emotional maturity, patience, love, acceptance, encouragement and compassion

        Adhere to AIM’s Mission, Vision, Values and Statement of Faith


       Nursing certification or equivalent bachelor’s degree

Other requirements:

       Must be Christian

       No criminal record

       Active member of a local Christian church

       Pastor’s reference

       Must have prior experience as a nurse

Skills and abilities:

        Fluent in Khmer: Written and spoken

        A good command of English: Written and spoken, preferred

        Basic computer skills

        Ability to solve problems and think critically

        Manage time and prioritize tasks efficiently

        Integrity and confidentiality to be maintained at all time

        Ability and willingness to learn and apply western strategies and principles

Job employment terms/benefits:

        Working hours are Monday-Friday 7:30am to 4:30pm

        Includes health insurance for employee and immediate family

        Paid holidays

        Lunch provided

        Salary for this position will be based on experience and qualifications

How to apply:

Interested candidates should request an application by e-mail at  or call 0965325243 ,Website:

How to Apply

Interested candidates should request an application by e-mail at  or call 0965325243 ,Website:

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